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yoga art

Body positivity doesn’t end with pregnancy. Having been recently pregnant for those familiar nine months ourselves, this illustrative series from Danish artist Marie Jørgensen speaks especially sweetly to my consistently changing body. In case you missed it, we previously shared Jørgensen’s work challenging the stereotypical “yoga body” or what we’ve been conditioned to believe it is. In [...]


Does yoga have a body image problem? Do a simple google image search and you might think so. For Marie Jørgensen, a yoga practitioner and teacher, the online search for a yoga poster to hang in her home proved futile. Because Jørgensen was looking for something that apparently doesn’t exist: a poster with basic poses and [...]


New York City is full of cultural treasures. And with yoga studios on every corner, yoga mats an ubiquitous accessory bopping through the streets, and kirtan pouring out of windows on a wave of incense, the city also happens to be full of India’s cultural treasures, too. Or at least, remnants of them. Luckily we [...]


A new way to recycle your old yoga mat? Make art! Alex Ebstein is an artist whose use of unconventional materials – such as yoga mats – to create her cut-out pieces is turning some headstands. Ebstein originally studied photography but after being diagnosed with uveitis, an inflammation of the eye which required multiple surgeries affecting [...]


The awesomeness of this yoga-inspired sand sculpture never gets old. Entitled “Mirage,” the piece was created by artist Katie Grinnan as a sculptural time-lapse of her body moving through a sun salutation. Constructed of out of friendly plastic, enamel, and sand it’s both grace-in-stillness and stillness-in-motion, having captured the moving form in one single structure. [...]


“Yoga: The Art of Transformation” looks at yoga with a historical perspective — which might disappoint those who go to the exhibit looking for insight on the modern practice. When the exhibit opened at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Asian Art on October 19th (it will run until January 26th, and admission is free to the public), this is what visitors may have had in mind.


And you’d thought you’d seen it all. Do we really need to say more? OK we will. Because this deserves an explanation. This interesting piece is one of the seven yoga mats designed by contemporary artists that debuted this week at Miami’s swanky artsy, boozy fest, Art Basel. The collection called Grey Area Yoga was [...]


It’s been a long-ass week here in Washington, DC.

And especially if you’re Dr. Debra Diamond, curator for the Smithsonian exhibit, ‘Yoga: The Art of Transformation’—which nearly didn’t open on time, thanks to a bickering congress and government shutdown. In fact, even last week’s benefit gala had to be moved last minute during the political debacle, as Lululemon-clad yogis performed “complicated yoga stretches” in lieu of the art.


Tiny skeletons come to life with yoga. YogArt finds are always fun, especially when they’re so darn cute, and a bit creepy. These may be the cutest little metal yoga skeletons we’ve ever seen. These hand-sculpted tiny bony yogis stand just 2″ high, but the Skeletonians, as they are officially called, are molded from pewter in [...]