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Yoga and Body Image Coalition

Is it possible for companies like Yoga Journal to be body positive when they are built on a for-profit corporate model with a legal obligation to sell yoga, often as an elite luxury good?


Your article “Yes You CAN Think Yourself Thin: From resisting that biscuit to learning to love the gym, a life-changing book reveals the new way to hit your perfect weight” not only saddened and disheartened me but, as an eating disorder survivor, deeply triggered me.


You’d think more diversity in yoga would bring us together, not tear us further apart. But what is inclusivity and accessibility to some is being seen as separation and alienation, even racism, to others. When a yoga studio in Seattle set out to create a safe space for people of color, they had no idea [...]


“Every Body is a Yoga Body” reads the latest message from the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. The YBIC has made it their mission to support and encourage inclusivity in yoga and has been working to expand the image of yoga to truly encompass everyone and every body. Their latest “Every Body is a Yoga [...]


Dear Ms. Budig, I’m writing in response to your recent blog post, Color the World, in which you share the “venomous” rejection of you as the face of body positivity and call it an act of bullying. While I, nor the Yoga and Body Image Coalition I co-founded, wrote the post you were referring to, [...]


We happened upon this photo and had to post it. People have been sharing this pic like crazy and it’s for good reason. If you’ve ever felt bogged down by what we’re often told a yoga body is or isn’t, this will absolutely make your week. So much love for this guy right here. Photo caption [...]


Yoga is for everyone and we’re glad that people (AKA the internets) are finally starting to take notice. This recent post from magical listicle site BuzzFeed highlights the many curvy yogis who proudly post instagram photos of themselves practicing yoga with tags like #curvyyoga.* Bravo, ladies. And bravo Buzzies for pointing to the powerful positive body [...]


It’s what we’ve all talked about. There’s no denying it. They’re baaaaaaack…the holidays are here! We know, you’re either doing the happy dance right now or hiding your head under a pillow. But ready or not, the holiday season is upon us and we wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on some organizations worth your [...]


Both my rigorous academic training, laden with feminist analysis, and my yoga practice played equal valuable roles in my personal liberation and my social justice work in both the classroom and the wider civic community.