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Yoga Alliance

  by Gina de la Chesnaye (Please see updates below) On Monday September 22nd, Yoga for New York met at Yoga Union to discuss a range of topics, most notably Yoga Alliance’s new listing requirements for studios that offer Teacher Training. Participating in the discussion, to the relief and delight of many, was Richard Karpel, the president and CEO of Yoga Alliance (YA). [...]


Whoa, is that really you, Yoga Alliance? We didn’t recognize you there being all vocal and taking a public stance on a pressing yoga matter and stuff. Yet, lo and behold, this afternoon the Yoga Alliance issued their own version of a cease and desist of YogaGlo’s potential competition crushing patent on their online yoga [...]


The Yoga Alliance has certainly seen its share of bad days. While many yoga teachers, new and experienced, have been left wondering and doubtful about its credibility and relevance as anything more than an outdated registry making money off of annual fees, some are willing to give the new YA 2.o a chance. It’s true, [...]


by J. Brown Since its inception in 1999, the Yoga Alliance has developed a deservedly bad reputation for collecting millions of dollars from the yoga community without providing any real service in return. However, a new president and CEO has taken over and the time may have come for yoga teachers and schools to rethink [...]


YA is sorry. Will you take them back? Ask any ten yoga teachers in New York City how they feel about Yoga Alliance (YA) and you’ll find a pretty narrow set of opinions ranging from indifference to frustration. Since its founding in 1999, Yoga Alliance has set baseline standards for teacher trainings and run a profitable registry [...]


Just for good measure, CNN takes on yogagate with their own redundant response to the hubbub over The New York Times “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” (which we all know is part of a book, yes?) complete with frustrated yoga teacher, dramatic voice-overs and menacing words in quotes (see below, and above).


by J. Brown Flipping through the catalog for a big name yoga and retreat center, I was shocked to notice that they advertised their yoga teacher training programs as “Yoga Alliance Approved.” Misrepresentations like this are the dirty little secret of the yoga industry. No one really wants to admit there is no accreditation for [...]


A new press release from The Texas Yoga Association re: ongoing regulation battle, addressing stance on professional standards, yoga within the medical community and the corporate slippery slope. Previously…Opinion: In Response to Texas Yoga Regulation, Why the Brouhaha? —– After a press release and email inquiry sent to many top yoga teachers around the United States from a [...]


Our latest article for YogaCityNYC: So it goes with many a great relationship, when sheen starts to lose luster, and that dreaded shroud of doubt creeps in. A woeful, ‘We just don’t talk anymore’ leads to ‘Where has the romance gone?’ to a resentful ‘You only love me for my money!’ No, we’re not lamenting [...]