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It’s the sweaty naked elephant in the room, and it’s all we’ve been oogling this past week in the news: NAKED YOGA!  It was even mentioned on this past Saturday Night Live during the ‘Weekend Update‘ segment. But is this nudeness really new? We were gossiping about it last year, and even then it wasn’t [...]


With all the fluff of Celebriyogi week it’s taken a moment to locate our serious YD hat. We found it a lot easier after reading about this… India’s Yoga prince Swami Ramdev has already made the controversial claim that yoga can cure all, so of course the big news came when last week the Delhi [...]


We ask you, what’s more universal and unifying than Yoga? hello! It’s for every body! Well, Genessa Krasnow has taken that to heart and decided Yoga would be the uniting force in rallying for Gay Rights in StonewallForty, the events series commemorating the 40th anniversary of Stonewall — the 1969 confrontation in Seattle that kicked [...]


somewhere over the rainbow… ‘Moron’ the real yoga discussion: Are you a Yog-Gay? Are you ready to get into a heated bunched-panties discussion about the moral implications of Yoga and Homosexuality? Elephant Journal’s ringmaster Waylon Lewis takes on the debate with great form. So which are you, hedonistic heathen or forbidding puritan? Clearly it’s cut [...]

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