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This Week In YogaPop: The Model Meltdown If you look closely, yoga is everywhere, in every thing, within all the glorious details. Last night, in the most spiritual show on television — uh, America’s Next Top Model, of course — Child’s Pose had a cameo. You can stop squealing now. I know, I know, Balasana [...]


On this, the Day of Fools, let us pay homage to a show full of them — the greatest real reality series of our time: ‘Cops’. The yogic parallels are uncanny and the bad boys and girls are plentiful. Everybody knows that yoga naw give you no break, hey hey! The Yoga of ‘Cops’ { [...]


In a world of constant destruction, be at peace, friends, for there is also creation. Within the world of yoga, we find creativity, originality, and respect for all practices. 10 Freshly Trademarked Yoga Styles: 1. Sevamuckti (seva-muck-ti; origin: Jivamukti) – This is the yoga of dirty service. Zen, cathartic, practical. The toilets at the ashram are [...]


The tasteless tweets of both 50 “been hit with a few shells” Cent and Gilbert (The Aflac Duck) Gottfried landed them in hot water this week. Alas, the social mediasphere has a line. Perhaps ol’ Bikram can get away with just about anything, but how about all the regular Joe Schmogas? Ever wonder how far [...]


Introducing our first contributing post from the illustrious yisforyogini. Open a can of Yoga Ha Ha. Bottoms up! Wherever Gaga goes, the world follows…even if that includes wetting one’s whistle with whiskey whilst rocking a Warrior 1 or two. If crunk = crazy + drunk, then we ’bout to get yogrunk up in here. How to [...]