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Are you one of those mat-toting martini-soaking epicurean yogi infidels? Cheers! You came to the right blog post.“Yoga for Foodies” has hit the NY Times (When Chocolate and Chakras Collide) – it’s officially a trend! Even Gawker had to chime in. And really, what’s better than sweating it up on the yoga mat detoxifying your [...]


Have no fear! Were you worried the Recession would never bounce back like your footprints on an extra squooshy yoga mat? Yoga (the practice and the business) has held strong through this saggy economy, which took a face plant over a year ago. But hey, a little goalsetting and profit forecast adjusting later and we’re [...]


Soo how is that yoga job going? ahem. Ya know, it’s funny. We saw this article go up days ago, we knew it was coming too, and still we procrastinate in commenting. It’s been like stretching our psoas after a long day of chair sitting to gather our thoughts. Torturous! Why? Have we said all [...]


This story is literally everywhere. like astronauts are getting beamed the news in space. We kinda didn’t feel the need to make a fuss really, what another wealthy ex-Wall Streeter is doing yoga? Cool, no biggie. But then after reading the coverage at NYMag’s Daily Intel blog something rang a bell, NOT the closing bell.. [...]


In other hippie news, Taking Woodstock had its NY premiere Wednesday night! The new film from director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) is a recounting of how the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival came to be, based on the memoirs of Elliot Tiber, the kid, at the time, who inadvertently helped make it all happen. As [...]


Yoga: it’s big news! (for yuppies! oh we kid. we meant yippies) This bright Monday morning (afternoon?) brings us not one but TWO profiles on our favorite goal-setting stretchy pants company, Lululemon (NYMag, NYTimes) (and quite frankly we were offended neither one asked for our input). There’s not much said we didn’t know before, but [...]


Gawker adorably refers to them as the “funemployed,” the group of laid off and seemingly well-off citizens who are grabbing this unemployment thing by the horns and making the most if it. (yep, Gawker again. twice in on week. this yoga thing must be huge). The New York Times published an article today about how [...]


7online‘s a little late to the Yoga boom in Recession party, but we’ll forgive them, if only because they dug deep and did the hard reporting. What’s the news? Employment down, yoga UP! (remember, though kiddles, this is NYC). (video) Elena Brower of Virayoga (in Soho) says classes are brimming upwards of 70 students in [...]


Here we go again. TIME mag inducing the “Ugh” factor. oh man we have so much to say about this…our sharp tongues are piqued. Sadly we just can’t expect TIME to bring us any relevant yoga news anymore. We mean no malice, but they already muddled the little part about YogaWorks opening up a NYC [...]