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Because if there’s ONE thing yoga needs more of it’s reality television. Random awkward yoga on MTV’s Dating Naked and with the Kardashians just doesn’t count. We need a whole reality TV show revolving around yoga because, we don’t know, it just doesn’t feel REAL enough until it’s on TV. Snarkypants aside, we’re not joking. [...]


We got down and dirty with some bittersweet reality in our post Teaching Yoga As Second Career: 3 Tips to Make It or Break It. This latest blog from GOOD highlights the plight of one aspiring NYC yoga teacher, echoing the problems many, probably thousands, of teachers face as they’re churned out of training and thrust into the competitive pool of potentials, clawing their way through the crowds to eagle pose on top of the heap.


Has your curiosity been piqued by the latest Yoga TV show news? Perhaps you’ve already answered the casting call and sent in your head shot (they have guest yogis as part of each episode). Sadie Nardini, star of new show “Rock Your Yoga” on the Veria Living network, connected with Jenn Pesce over email to talk about the new show and just what sort of ‘reailty’ TV rockingness this is all about.


Sure you practice yoga. But have you been asking yourself lately, am I really rocking my yoga? Or is my yoga rocking me? These questions and more will surely be answered in the new TV show called “Rock Your Yoga” starring Sadie Nardini to be unleashed upon unassuming Dish and Verizon FIOS customers May 14th. Did [...]


Can yoga teachers make a living? Ha, what a silly question. Oh, you’re not charging $400 a session? $2000 for a 5-pack? That’s how much private yoga with


BROga® is real! We know because it’s been US Trademarked. So has Hillbilly Yoga®, Cougar Yoga™ and Metal Yoga™, along with the 2,213 other applications with the word “yoga” filed in the government’s Trademark Electronic Search System – 2,000 of which have been steadily pouring in since 2001. That’s a lot of yogapreneurs! Does trademarking [...]


Were you sad over the Central Park Yoga wash-out? Pissed about being stuck in the long lines? Annoyed by the in-your-face brand marketing transcending the yoga message? We don’t blame you, it was a bummer! But when Yoga @ the Great Lawn was the largest, shortest yoga class on record due to inclement weather, the [...]

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Read our first article for YogaCityNYC! A little slice of YAMA pie. Not familiar? Read on, yogadorks…and check out related links below. It’s ethical discipline you say! One of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, the ‘Ren’ to niyama’s ‘Stimpy’.  It’s also known as the god of death: the postmortem judge of nobility, ethics and [...]


For better or for worse Sadie Nardini remains true to herself. Here she speaks candidly with Nancy Alder about her signing on to the YAMA (Yoga Artist Management Agency), her rise to the national stage/yogi stardom, and why she thinks being “unyogic” is just plain ridiculous. Enormous thanks to Nancy for a great job well [...]