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William Broad

We’ll start this post with the closing line of William J. Broad’s latest New York Times piece about the safety/hazards of yoga: “Better to do yoga in moderation and listen carefully to your body. That temple, after all, is your best teacher.” Bill Broad, not a stranger to controversy in the yoga world, nor backlashes [...]


Controversies, scandals, tv shows and festivals abound, yoga sure is popular these days. It’s been counted as one of the Top 10 Growing Industries. So why are people saying it’s dying?


As it seems, New York Times science writer, author and generally amiable guy William J. Broad is out to raise a ruckus, and consequently sell books. And to think, all he needed to say was yoga will wreck your body and that it’s all based on a Tantra sex cult, and poof! Ruckus raised. His PR and marketing team must be getting paid overtime.


After the ‘How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body’ debacle we cut author William J. Broad a break. Heck it wasn’t his fault the New York Times went for the shock value, and some reviews of his book actually made it sound worth reading. But this latest article on yoga and sex scandals, basically Broad’s response to the latest John Friend/Anusaragate, confirms that WJB is just as annoying in his delivery about sexifying yoga as he is about it wrecking your body. In fact, it’s idiotic.


We’ve posted a few early reviews by the yoga community, and last week YD contributor Roseanne from It’s All Yoga, Baby interviewed author William J Broad about his shri-stirring book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards.


“Ever since one particularly clenched day of columnizing years ago, when I found myself curled up on the floor of my house davening, I’ve tried various remedies for the ravages of stress: better nutrition, caramels, gym, green tea Popsicles, kavakava, kale, kombucha, cupcakes, chocolate, chardonnay — sometimes in concurrent combinations. The one that works best [...]