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Whole Foods

Reminiscent of the “Whole Foods Rap” we had to share what’s been spreading around the interwebs like sugar-fed culture strands through Kombucha. Huffington Post contributor, humorist Kelly MacLean wrote a tantalizing and hilarious post calling out the idiosyncratic ridiculousness of the Whole Foods lifestyle and shopping experience, which, if you’re used to referencing “whole paycheck” [...]


Word! Who knew the Whole Foods Parking Lot rap would ignite a heated beef? Though it’s not quite as jamtastic as the original, woo boy if it isn’t a tad snappier with the come backs. We don’t whip out this phrase too often, but, seriously, you go girl. You can’t handle the heat in the [...]


A Whole Foods Rap! Er…sounds lame, right? We had our doubts. But this is hilarious! So fresh n’ so cheeky. Has us jonesin for an organic fair trade soy latte and a vegan gingersnap cookie. And a spoonful of ego-check to wash it down. Tough livin’ in the WF parking lot. It’s gettin’ REAL. Well [...]