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Western medicine

Many of us look to yoga to soothe what ails us. And now there’s a prescription for that. Welcome to Yoga Rx. Along the lines of an urgent-care center, the yoga walk-in clinic is now in session. Going beyond Tara Stiles’ book “Yoga Cures” which was controversial for choice of language and antidotal claims, Yoga [...]


In the past few days, an article by a yoga teacher named Hemalayaa has been making the Facebook rounds. The author of the article expresses shock and disappointment at the use of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications by yoga teachers who, she opines, are just taking a “happy pill” rather than doing the hard work of dealing with their issues. She then offers suggestions as to how to get yourself over the hump of depression, such as practicing yoga, taking baths, dancing around your space, and going outside and breathing in the light.