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Wente Vineyards

YogaDork and J.T. Liss (Photography For Social Change) recently went on a two week long west coast adventure of yoga, nature, and the human experience. 15 cities, 5 states, and over 5,000 miles were traveled. J.T. took the photos, YD captured the journey in words. Upon our return to New York City we discussed the [...]


UPDATE 2: Life is a Highway If you haven’t heard, we’re on a road trip! And not any road trip, the Great American YogaDork Road Trip, and we’re posting from the road! (in between driving long hours across the Pacific Northwest, stopping for gas and, uh, necessities, and squeezing in a few hours of sleep). The [...]


It’s the Great American YogaDork Road Trip. We made it to the West Coast! First stop: Portland, Oregon. Thoughts? Super! Portland welcomed us yanks with open arms and espresso (these northwesterners are serious about their espresso. more on that later) Our first yoga stop was the lovely Bhaktishop in Portland’s southeast quarter. We took class [...]


A very balanced body with slight oaky finish, subtle hints of goji berry and OM undertones. Could be the wine, or in this case, the yogi winemaker! “I’ll always do yoga in the morning,” says fifth generation winemaker Karl Wente of Wente Vineyards. There he is, popping sirsasana next to the wine barrels. He’s such [...]