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Washington DC

However you might feel about the Hillary Clinton email to-do, there’s one thing we know we just can’t let slide. Mrs. Clinton told the public in a press conference on Tuesday that she shared all of her work-related emails with the State Department, but she went ahead and deleted personal emails that were of no [...]


A new budget plan that would add 5.75 percent sales tax to fitness centers including yoga studios in Washington D.C. was approved Monday despite veto efforts from Mayor Vincent Gray. Gray vetoed the $12.64-billion spending plan on July 11, but that didn’t hold against the D.C. Council who voted for the new plan 12-1. Gray, who’s in [...]


Yoga Alliance has come out in opposition of the Washington D.C. “Yoga Tax” that would impose a 5.75 percent sales tax on prior-nontaxable services like gyms and yoga studios, as well as other services like car washes and bowling alleys. Many opposers have already voiced their disapproval of the proposal, which would kick in Jan. [...]


It’s baaaack. A “Yoga Tax” proposal that was dropped four years ago looks likely to be passed in Washington D.C. very soon. The new bill, which received initial approval Wednesday, would add 5.75% sales tax to


Hear ye, hear ye, yoga shall be museumified. The Smithsonian in Washington, DC will debut the first visual history of yoga exhibit in October 2013 and we shall marvel and look on with awe-inspiring delight at more than 120 objects borrowed from 25 museums and private collections in India, Europe, and the United States showing thousands [...]


It’s a terrible thing to hear about anyone getting viciously attacked. Unfortunately, we received an email just a short while ago alerting us to news of a yoga teacher and his partner getting jumped on the street and brutally beaten early Sunday morning, just after midnight in Washington D.C.