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Wanderlust Festival

A suit recently filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court claims that Wanderlust Festival knowingly stole NYC-based yoga teacher Alanna Kaivalya’s training methods for their own purposes after stringing her along for months. In the court documents, Kaivalya alleges that Wanderlust founders Jeff Krasno and Sean Hoess pretended they were planning to hire her to run a new [...]


Wanderlust announced their summer festival headliners today, their new besties Lululemon just tweeted. The usual suspects will be teaching and/or performing: Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Schuyler Grant, Elena Brower with some interesting additions like Gurmukh, Rod Stryker and Dharma Mittra (this guy gets around!) and a slew of varied up-and-coming teachers well on their way [...]


Like we needed more evidence to declare yoga festivals our modern day Woodstock meets Burning Man meets neo yoga revival camp. These kids have gone so beyond smoking reefer before class they’re imagining it.

Yoga enthusiasts at this year’s Wanderlust Whistler in Canada were treated to home town and beloved teacher Eoin Finn’s serendipitously intoxicating “Intention Joint.” Huh?


Didn’t you know, yoga is a party! Well, it can be. According to reports from Wanderlust this summer, the yoga festival grounds are turning into a real humdinger of a hoedown complete with music, dancing, booze and contorted shenanigans. Oh yes, and yoga.


In one of our recent posts we took a look at the flagrant pageantry of modern yogapop (we’re sorry for that sentence, too). In it we noted that one of the biggest proponents, the Wanderlust Festival, had held a teacher contest last year, but which was absent from this year’s promotional efforts. Or so we thought. Yesterday’s email blast informed us that it’s back! Thank goodness.


Curtain up. Light the lights.* Sad about Anusaraland going down with the ship? Wipe your tears, magic kingdom fans, because Wanderlust LIVE sounds like the awe inspiring revamped, redux version, a la ‘Titanic’ 3D. Wanderlust Festival, a nationwide yoga and music bonanza and yogapop powerhouse now frolicking into its third year of festiveness, is taking up permanent residence in the blossoming yoga community of Austin, TX.


An official announcement from Wanderlust HQ (represented by Saeger Media, also Anusara’s and JF’s PR) comes after a long and grueling 6 weeks of accusations, revelations, confusion and acts of union. (see the Running Timeline of Anusara Controversy)


According to an official press release YogaVibes has obtained exclusive rights to 30 classes filmed at Wanderlust Squaw Valley (Lake Tahoe, CA) and Stratton Mountain (Stratton, VT) which will be added to their online class offerings.


The YogaDork has landed! As promised, the Springer-esque Final Thoughts. The Long and Winding Road…Life in the Fast Lane…Life is a Highway…you get the picture. YD has been ramblin’, man! So YD went on a roadtrip, a crazy tour over the course of 13 days visiting Yoga Americana West Coast style. It was a fantastic [...]