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Here’s your heroic yoga pants story of the week! Students of Battlefield High school in Haymarket, VA protested Monday wearing yoga pants in solidarity! No they’re not all super teen yogis, but they ARE standing up against a recently enforced no “form-fitting” dress code, including yoga pants, which has brought out the stretchy bottoms brigade. [...]


UPDATE 3/11/10: VA Gov. Robert F. McDonnell signed the bill Tuesday night…(WashingtonPost) Hear ye! Hear ye! We just got word from Suzanne Leitner-Wise…the Senate bill has passed! Based on the constitutional right to freedom of speech VA yoga teachers beat the gov for exemption from regulation and from falling under the terms of “vocation” in [...]


MO: [LATimes] “The state, which views the discipline as strictly recreational, has levied a 4% tax on studio owners and instructors. But yogis say their pastime should be exempt as a spiritual pursuit.” Earlier…Missouri Taxes Studios, Texas to Join in Licensing Battle, Everyone Tries to Define Yoga VA: Yesterday there was a Washington Post editorial [...]


Yoga Teacher Training: Vocational? Or Avocational? Update! The licensing battle of VA Yoga studios VS. the State is getting hairy – Three yoga teachers have moved to sue! Operating on the defense that regulating YTT is “just dumb” and that any sort of state clampdown is a threat to free speech, VA yoga teachers are [...]


Hear ye! Hear ye! We have most fortunate news! NY Studios are off the licensing hook! (pretty much, just need the little ol bill to get the full pass) Exemptions have been introduced and plans that would have had yoga studios (with teacher training programs) paying the gov through the nadis, including $50,000 fines, have been dropped. [...]


Yogis doin’ it for themselves. VA edition. Way back at the end of June we incited VA yogis to follow NY and unite! Though we’re pretty sure it didn’t take much coaxing to set the letter-writing campaign to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) et al in motion, as well as rally the troops online at [...]


While we in NY toil away in bemoaning the state’s lack of foresight and overall asininity on licensing (catch yourself up here), brethren yogis down in VA are tackling their own version of money-grabasana. Double Dog Yoga Blog (Julia Kalish) has the lowdown on hoops and ring-around-the-rosies yoga studios face down in the lovers’ state. [...]