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Vinnie Marino

Robert Downey Jr: a man, an actor and apparently a warrior, two.

There was a time not too long ago when movie star Robert Downey Jr. ventured way too far down the rabbit hole of drugs and addiction, until he miraculously bounced back to be all funny and serious and sexy (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes).


Hey YD-ers, Wanderlust is back! We didn’t get out there ourselves last year to the Music and Yoga bonanza, but we did get to giveaway tickets and send the amazing Miss Kia as a correspondent! (check out her Wanderlust ’09 page full of recaps and pics!) Well, we have news: the 2010 lineup has just [...]

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Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Yogamatic, the crew behind the customizable yoga mats have come up with an all-star video series, a “yogamentary” called “POSERS: Yogastyles of the Movers and Shakers” in which they grill celebriyogis like Michelle Branch, Mariel Hemingway and LA “Yoga King” Vinnie Marino with the eternal questions: “What defines your [...]


This article has everyone so excited! Gather round dear jesters, and greet your Yoga King! (really NYT?) His name is Vinnie Marino and he rules the land of sunshiny Yoga! (that’d be California). Hailing from humble beginnings east coast style, young Vinnie grew up in rock ‘n’ rollin NY; a rapscallion upholding the time honored [...]