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What do yoga and saving the world from a zombie invasion have in common? If you thought nothing, you clearly haven’t talked to Doris Rusch, creator of the Xbox Kinect video game Zombie Yoga. In this game, players do four different yoga poses, like warrior 1 or tree pose, to direct light (their inner light) [...]


What do computer science and engineering have to do with yoga? Accessibility, if you ask University of Washington PhD student, Kyle Rector, who developed this “exergame” for people who are blind or have low vision and want to practice yoga. By using the Microsoft Kinect’s Skeletal Tracking, depth cameras and basic geometry, Rector and her fellow [...]


Funny, could any of us have really thought Grand Theft Auto V’s new interest in yoga would be genuine and sincere? Ha!


Because if there’s one thing we’ve always told our gamer friends Grand Theft Auto needs more of, it’s yoga! We’re not big gamers here, but we’ve spent enough time watching friends navigate the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto, and in between all the carjacking, manic gun chases and high speed pursuits we honestly never once dreamed of [...]


Get ready to waste more of your time on facebook! It’s The Sims meets Farmville meets a virtual yoga retreat. Because, hey what’s second best to actually going on a retreat to a tropical paradise? Pretending you’re at one on your computer!


So when Deepak Chopra isn’t writing his 80th book, defining spirituality, dueling with Hinduism and Western Egos or occupying Wall Street, apparently he’s at home playing his own video game and meditating with his virtual self. In case you were curious! We had a feeling when we first reported on the blisstastic interactive meditative adventure [...]


And so we’ve arrived at the new era of enlightenment, through the pixels on your TV/computer/gadget screen. All your phantasmagorical blissotry dreams have come true! And you don’t even have to take any drugs or wear tie-dye, cause it’s already animated right in front of you. Feast your senses on none other than Deepak Chopra‘s [...]


Ooooh the video gamers have got their thumbs twisted in knots over this! ‘Yoga’ for Xbox 360? Could it be? Well it’s more than a rumor. According to a release schedule (since been pulled from the interwebs) the easter egg at the end of usual suspects was a game entitled ‘Yoga’ Natal (briefly listed on [...]