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It’s the Herbal Essences “Be Everyone You Are” campaign, which is basically to say each of us are made up of many facets and we can not, should not, be defined by just one of them. Also, that we are all utterly confused as to who we are and we just want to look like [...]


by J. Brown I have only been in one fight. It was in the third grade. I don’t recall what the impetus was but it ended up in war of words between me and another boy on the basketball court. I remember deciding to hit him but when I went to strike my arm went [...]


Um. hm. Sappy songwriter Jason Mraz does his best impression of a stereotypical zenned out hippie turned hip hop yogi in this Episode 2 of an oddball series of promo videos from his “Gratitude Cafe Tour”. Yes, a series. Who knew JM was such a show off, budding comedian, touring musician with so much time [...]