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Twilighters rejoice! Or twilighter Bella-loving yogadorks perhaps is more accurate? Behold! Kristen Stewart departing a vinyasa flow yoga class in LA Tuesday. We already knew vampires love yoga. But it’s nice to see this trendy yoga thing reach some of Hollywood’s young starlets, embracing the practice of uniting body and mind and cycle of breath [...]


Oh hello there Mr. Sexy Eyes! We hope that’s just your post-yoga grin, not your post-yoga ‘that blood smoothie was delicious!’ face. That handsome fellow there is one Mr. Ian Somerhalder, who broke more than a few hearts as Boone on Lost. Remember that show? Sadly, his character died, but fear not, he is alive [...]


Is it hot in here? At the time of publish Peter Facinelli has 878,257 followers on Twitter. Not bad! For a yogi. The studly gentleman, now most famously known for his cool Dr. Carlisle Cullen in Twilight, and Mr. Jennie Garth, is a dedicated practitioner of the yog! (we remember him as the heartthrob jock [...]


[above: Nikki Reed and musician pal Sage Dill exiting post yoga class] When she’s not practicing bloodsucking techniques for the new Twilight sequel, Nikki Reed is apparently cleansing her bodily fluids in yoga class. We’re not sure what style of yoga it was, but it’s probably safe to guess it’s not Bikram for the bloodletting [...]