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Sassy Brits! Are you having a laugh? British talk show host Graham Norton gets schooled on his mula bandha by yoga teacher and jolly good sport Emily Collins. Because some days you just need to be reminded of your anal sphincter muscles. So cheeky. And hilarious! Thanks to Ang at Inner SpaceYoga for the tip! [...]

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A young girl diagnosed with scoliosis is standing a lot taller these days, thanks to yoga! At age 11 Mia Latham, of the UK, was told she had an S-shaped spine and would need an operation to insert metal rods to support her heart and lungs, or would be wheelchair bound. Seeking alternatives to spinal [...]


Too many kids dropping out of gym class? Change the game! In England, schools are cutting more traditional team sports like rugby and hockey in favor of activities like yoga to get kids moving. And it’s working! A study published by the Department for Education shows that participation in PE is rising. Via BBC News [...]


Wow, we’ve seen it all now. Literally! As reported in the Daily Mail, an unnamed 30s-ish woman, and glaring fan of ‘yoga not war’, decided to bring her peaceful protest to Parliament, in the nude! Proceeding to strip naked and assuming a bare-bottomed lotus position on top of a cab, Lady YoGodiva conducted a 5-minute [...]


Are we turning kids to robotic blobs with a steady diet of mind-numbing TV and dull-inducing video games? Some UK “educationalists” think so, and the programmers at the BBC agree: emotions must be embraced!  So they’ve culled a secret weapon to teach us all a lesson. They’re already calling it the next Teletubbies: New children’s [...]