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Advertising for yoga classes: you’re doing it wrong. Unfortunately, the yearly 9/11 anniversary inevitably gets exploited in some distasteful way, but we somehow least expected it (or would like to least expect it) from a yoga studio. However, a Bikram studio in Arlington, Virginia did not get the memo, and went ahead with promoting their “9+11=20% [...]


We’ve been silently, and not so silently, delighting in glee over our new twitter follower, Ashley Judd(!). Sure, she’s a beautiful and successful movie star, which is cool, but she’s also an inspiring activist and humanitarian who’s done great work all over the world to prevent AIDS, promote the end of genocide and crimes against [...]


Dharma Detective, here. Your one and only source into the superficial lives of yoga’s so-called elite. Today we expose the seedy, tweety underbelly of Twitter’s yoga community. Hold onto your birds, it’s going to be a bumpy flight. They spout love and light, truth and clarity, quotations worthy of a saint. Fawners, fans, and thousands [...]


When he’s not making silly videos about yoga, singer Jason Mraz tries to transcend…the snooze button. Did 2 hours of transcendent, restorative yin yoga this morning. Only bummer is my snooze alarm kept going off. — Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz) April 17, 2013   —— Earlier… Jason Mraz On Love and Breakup Yoga College Yoga Poses [...]


Eccentric rocker, fun master flex Andrew W.K. knows how to party. In fact, this may be an understatement. His twitter profile reads: “THE PARTY KING. The partiest man alive. International rock ‘n’ rolling motivational speaking TV entertaining nightclub owner. PARTY HARD.”

He’s SO party that he’s known for posting a consistent stream of party tips to his facebook and twitter followers, things like:


Is Tara Stiles getting spiritual? Not exactly. But she has a few things to say about the subject, and the yoga community. Perhaps in a response to her critics about dismissing spirituality and a lot of the traditional aspects of yoga in her “rebel” teaching (ie. chanting, the use of Sanskrit, sometimes anatomical names for [...]


It was big news yesterday that meditator Alec Baldwin (or at least he plays one on TV) and his special lady, yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas are engaged. Our warmest congrats to the couple! We’re fans.

Unfortunately, the yogarazzi team from The Daily News took it upon themselves to crash Hilaria’s class at YogaVida yesterday afternoon in order to snap a photo.


The tasteless tweets of both 50 “been hit with a few shells” Cent and Gilbert (The Aflac Duck) Gottfried landed them in hot water this week. Alas, the social mediasphere has a line. Perhaps ol’ Bikram can get away with just about anything, but how about all the regular Joe Schmogas? Ever wonder how far [...]


Britney, Britney, Britney! Are we to believe the troubled pop princess is ready to shed her demons and be our celebriyogi angel of light? Britney Spears wants to get spiritual y’all, with yoga! Or so @britneyspears announced Tuesday to her 6.1 million twitter followers and over 5 million fans on facebook. Is she hopping on [...]