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Tricia Donegan

Well-known in the NYC Yoga world as owner of Bikram LES, and perhaps more widely recognized now as Lady Gaga’s yoga-undie-partner teacher, 41-year-young Tricia Donegan is featured this week in yoga fanzine The New York Times. Shout outs go to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, her dedicated student, Lady Gaga, Yoga Freedom Project and changing the world one sweaty asana at a time.


January 2012 is Yoga Freedom Month. Did you know? The yoga community has come together in unity in the past to support varying causes from cancer cures to rebuilding Haiti. Yoga Freedom Project, a new organization co-created by Off the Mat NYC leader Heather Snyder, is on a mission to unite the yoga community to help put an end to sex trafficking.

Read on to learn more from Heather about the cause and what we as a community can do about the issue of sex trafficking. In NYC? Come out for the big event on the 31st! Maybe we’ll see you there.


Phew! What a relief, now we have proof Lady Yoga does not wear THIS to class. Here she is panty partying with owner and director of Bikram Yoga Lower East Side Tricia Donegan. Can you really argue with our theory now? Lady Gaga, making yoga studios famous one freaky fashion show at a time. Another [...]