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Transcendental Meditation

by Kelly Benshoof A 2016 study found that 36.7 million people practice yoga in the US. Let’s say the average cost of a class is $15 (a steal in most yoga-dense areas). If every practitioner donated the cost of a single class to charity, well, that would be a lot of money. More than $550 million to [...]


Can we just start by saying we love…lurrve…<3 Bernadette Peters? She’s a fab actress and singer, and she oozes that magical star quality and classy old time Hollywood glamour not easily found these days. On top of this, she’s a staunch supporter of Broadway and is co-founder of a charity event called Broadway Barks to [...]


by Ann Purcell In my upbringing, there was never any discussion about enlightenment, period. I had never heard of enlightenment as a possibility in any church service, or any educational program. Even in India the concept of enlightenment is reserved for the rare few recluse who wish to live in a cave and give up [...]


But if you’ve ever watched Mr. Brand speak you’d know the bloke is chock full of charisma and a sort of quickfire, magnetic personality that we slowpoke-speakers can only marvel at. This video collection of Rusty spouting knowledge and spreading consciousness is no exception.


The Beatles may have flunked yoga over four decades ago but it doesn’t mean it didn’t stick with them, not for the least of whom are the late great George Harrison and the very much alive Ringo Starr, as evidenced by the latter’s recent Grammy performance of the song he co-wrote with his bandmate, “Photograph (Ringo [...]

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Welcome back to our fun new series! This week in Yoga Time Machine: On the 41st anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) we join the ghosts of yoga’s past and travel one more year ahead to 1968, to Beatles era rock n’ roll and yogi flunking! The Fab Four made their infamous [...]


Most know David Lynch as the eccentric director with a keen ability to creep everyone out (The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive). But more recently DL’s been getting the spotlight for focusing his energies on directing school children, er… to chill out through Transcendental Meditation and his non-profit org, the David Lynch Foundation. Yes, [...]


Enigmatic director David Lynch (Erasurehad, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway) has announced plans for a huge benefit concert to raise money for his projects in transcendental meditation. What projects? Well we’re going to bet you weren’t aware of the David Lynch Foundation, an organization he started in 2005 that donates money to schools and children for [...]


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, spiritual leader launched into the spotlight by the famous visit from The Beatles in 1968, left his earthly body, February 5, 2008. Known for his Transcendental Meditation Movement, Mahareshi announced his retirement on January 11, 2008 stating, “Invincibility is irreversibly established in the world. My work is done. My designated duty to Guru Dev is fulfilled.” He died just a month later.