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In the isolated safety bubble of a pristine yoga studio, odes to Ganesha humming from the ipod dock…has it ever popped into your head to examine how you came to be here, and what life is like on the ‘wrong side of the mat?’ I’m guessing that it has, and that, like me, you yearn to share this transformative practice with others whose life situations make them unlikely to stumble upon it.


Hey dorks! Continuing your ed? If you’re in NYC next weekend and feel inclined to finding out how to use yoga to help at-risk youth and adults, you probably won’t want to miss this. Hala Khouri, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, is holding a weekend training on doing just that. Here’s the [...]


Neal Pollack is an author, a blogger and a dedicated dad. He’s also a self-proclaimed yogadork. We know, because that was almost the title of his new book, STRETCH: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude, due out this fall ’10. With a subtitle like that, and if you’re familiar at all with Neal’s regular [...]


And now, a message…   Often in yoga class we’re encouraged to hearken back to our days as little kids and *gasp* be playful! Because children are curious and open-minded and natural yogis, with less bills to pay and no concept of 9 to 5 except for maybe breakfast and dinner! As BIG kids we endeavor to redeem that [...]


In what seems to be the most difficult time for a studio to introduce teacher training, what with the sunken economy and all that licensing beeswax, Pure Yoga turns up its luxurious schnoz at all that and is sallying forth with a brand shiny new teacher training program! Excited? We imagine those of you outside [...]


While we in NY toil away in bemoaning the state’s lack of foresight and overall asininity on licensing (catch yourself up here), brethren yogis down in VA are tackling their own version of money-grabasana. Double Dog Yoga Blog (Julia Kalish) has the lowdown on hoops and ring-around-the-rosies yoga studios face down in the lovers’ state. [...]


Just when we thought Bikram was getting cold on us…ye old steamy one, master of Sweat and atomic balls rises from the desert! As if we hadn’t had enough proper Ferrari talk Captain Cocksure informs us of why we should disobey traffic laws, speed 200 mph down the freeway at 2am, and push the pedal [...]


As an update to our post on Yoga for Autism, our favorite specific needs yoga heroes at ARedLotus kindly alerted us to special yoga teacher trainings for special needs kids. If you ask us, these trainings are particularly good because they focus on working with a specific population, and can really help fine tune your [...]