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Tom Cruise

When British comedian Russell Brand isn’t keeping us up on the LA yoga protest-liberation scene, or entertaining 100s of yogis plus Demi Moore at his home, he’s probably trying to release his Kundalini energy (in a totally nonsexual way) or saying something outrageous and/or hilarious. This time it’s the latter, thanks to Tom Cruise. Brand [...]


Perhaps it is planetary…or possibly the Mary Jane mamas live nearby, but there is a decidedly head-in-the-clouds situation settling down and making a home in many noggins as of late. No matter your mood, mire, or mental mixology, yoga has a fitting flavor. This week, Yogin Robbins is serving up drool-worthy, dizzying scoops of Chin [...]


AND NOW FOR BREAKING NEWS! Cameron Diaz stretches! In a bikini! Nice uh.. plank, miss. This sentence just kills us: “The actress was spotted in her bikini in the Caribbean doing a strenuous yoga session.” [Daily Mail UK] Ah, the life of a celebriyogi! Strenuous yoga by the seaside. And just look at her lazy [...]