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Times Square

Happy summer! How did you celebrate the solstice? Did you say in the middle of NYC’s Times Square with thousands of fellow yogsters? Get ready to play a fun game of yoga Where’s Waldo! Whether you made it to the epicenter of sensory overload or not, we think you’ll enjoy these pictures we captured from [...]


Happy Summer Solstice! See? All of your sun salutations have paid off, it’s summer! If you can’t make it out to celebrate the solstice with yoga in the middle of Times Square, we invite you to take a gander at the livestream video displaying about 15,000 sun-loving yogis funneling all day long through one of [...]


Thousands of yoga folk flooded the epicenter of Manhattan yesterday for the 10th annual “Solstice in Times Square.” According to organizers, approxiately 14,000 people signed up for the four free classes throughout the day, which turned out to be four sessions of hot yoga due to the present heat wave. Hydrate! The event was presented [...]


If you missed it live, here are some perty shots of yogis in the heart of Times Square mania and video of Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins explaining the concept of “Mind Over Madness.” “We’re trying to create a little ocean or perhaps just a little lake or just a drop of serenity in [...]


Happy Solstice! Today crowds of yogis are gathering in Times Square to salute the sun, and we can watch it all live! Because luckily Times Square is encased in security cameras. Check out the streaming video below. Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga WHAT: A yoga event celebrating sun, summer and creativity WHEN: [...]


While Yoga at the Great Lawn got washed out by nature’s sprinkler system, Times Square Solstice Yoga was bathed in sunshine and sun saluters. Over 5,000 pre-registered this year from 31 different countries. Check out the awesomeness in pictures below. More at The Huffington Post. Earlier…Watch Summer Solstice Yoga LIVE in Times Square via Webcam! [...]