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Times Square

Hey yogadorks, couldn’t make it to Times Square for Solstice Yoga? Or you want to relive the heat and salutations? We’ve got all the live videos below. 7:30am – 8:30am: Douglass Stewart (YogaWorks, Ishta)   9:30am – 10:30am: Jodie Rufty (YogaWorks)   11:30am – 12:30pm: #AerieREAL Empowered Flow with Catherine Gignac (Aerie)   1:30pm – [...]


It’s that time of year again! When the sun shines longest in the sky and yogis from across the Western hemisphere descend on New York City’s most highly trafficked intersection to surya namaskar en masse. The annual Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square is set for Thursday, June 21st and registration is now open for your [...]


Ready or not, summer’s here! OK, almost here. And it’s time for massive outdoor yoga events. Marking the season’s grand commencement, of course, is the annual Solstice Yoga in Times Square which just opened for registration today. For over 10 years, yogis have taken to the center of sweaty NYC (the world?) to salute the [...]


Happy Solstice, yogsters! As is tradition, thousands of yogis have taken their co-sponsored mats to the mecca of creative chaos, New York City’s Time Square to beckon the sun on the summer solstice. It’s cloudy skies in NYC today, but we have hope there will be enough sun salutations to bring about a glimpse or [...]


It’s finally May, the days are long and the sun is shining, which means it’s very, very close to the annual Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square event. We’re here to report registration is now open, so grab your sunscreen, your tough outer kosha, and your camera-ready smile, it’s time to put your “mind over madness,” [...]


On Saturday, June 21, 11,000 yogis descended on New York City’s Times Square to salute the sun and sweat it out between the skyscrapers and ESPN Zone. It was a spectacle for the senses. They say participants came from far and wide and no one even cared about their neighbor’s stinky armpits. It was a very [...]


It’s that time…Happy Solstice yogsters and yogurts! NYC is back to celebrate the longest day of the year by filing into one of the most crowded intersections of the world to salute the sun. It’s Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square and we’ve got your live stream right here starting at 5:25am eastern. If you’re [...]


It’s baaaaack. Yoga in Times Square for Summer Solstice 2014…so close, yet so far away.


CAPTION THIS. This has got to be one of our favorite photos from the Summer Solstice Yoga event in Times Square, which gathered over 15,000 yogis together in the tourist mecca of musicals, Bubba Gump and commercialism. In the sea of great intentions and meditation during the afternoon session, one young lady couldn’t resist letting [...]

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