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This is the cover of the most recent issue of TIME Magazine. It’s the “Mindful Revolution” folks. Are you ready? Just look how mindful she is right now. Bonus: As you read the following text, take note of how many times your mind wanders off to other thoughtlands. Taking on the resurgence of mindfulness practices [...]


These days you don’t have to dig too deep to find news about how yoga has positively benefited yet another group of individuals, whether they be high school jocks, yuppies, troops in Iraq, cancer survivors, or addiction recoverees. We’ve been a bit snippy snap with the news crew over at TIME mag, (they had it [...]


Here we go again. TIME mag inducing the “Ugh” factor. oh man we have so much to say about this…our sharp tongues are piqued. Sadly we just can’t expect TIME to bring us any relevant yoga news anymore. We mean no malice, but they already muddled the little part about YogaWorks opening up a NYC [...]