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The Roots

Even though we haven’t heard about him in a while, it still seems like any John Friend news is too soon. And yet, JF has never really slowed down for a breather post-scandal, despite better judgement and our maxed out scandal-o-meter. His comeback, if you can call it that, since he never really went away, [...]


Not that this seems much like news anymore, and instead feels rather like a bludgeon to the head with a chakra tiara, but we’re sharing the latest from camp John Friend because some have inquired about updates and after this crazy roller coaster year, doggone it, they deserve them. We’ll call it a form of closure, because J Fri seems to have found it himself, as detailed in his most recent post-Thanksgiving message to his new mailing list.


  Ribbon spiral, as it were. It’s been floating around the interwebs for the past week or so. Is ex-Anusara leader, infamous for open hearts and a very public scandal, John Friend back to teaching? We knew it would happen sooner or later. Just 7 months after everything broke, John Friend has quietly returned to, [...]