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An update to the yoga studio set on fire story. And the plot thickens. Last Saturday night a woman broke into a yoga studio and set it on fire which left us all with so many questions. First and foremost, why would someone break into a yoga studio and try to set it on fire? The [...]


A Texas woman was arrested for breaking into a yoga studio and setting it on fire. And, no, not with her kapalabhati breath. This is not the kind of hot yoga we’d recommend. Nancy Duarte, 41, was arrested by Dallas Police over the weekend and charged with second-degree arson and resisting arrest after admitting to starting [...]


And while we were hemming and hawing over the hippies in San Fran with their fancy new yoga room, the folks in Texas – Texas! – went ahead and hopped on the yoga train, or we suppose that’d be plane.


A new press release from The Texas Yoga Association re: ongoing regulation battle, addressing stance on professional standards, yoga within the medical community and the corporate slippery slope. Previously…Opinion: In Response to Texas Yoga Regulation, Why the Brouhaha? —– After a press release and email inquiry sent to many top yoga teachers around the United States from a [...]


Tally yo!(ga) Texas is on the march against state government regulation over yoga teacher training. We received this missive in our inbox yesterday: March 2011 (Austin, TX) – Over 1,500 Texans have signed a petition sponsored by the Texas Yoga Association (TYA) to pass House Bills No. 1839 by Representative Phillips and 2167 by Representative [...]


What’s cooler than yoga-ing in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium accompanied by musical stylings from Wade Morissette (Alanis’ yogatastic twin brother) for the largest yoga class in Texas? How bout all of that PLUS helping to fight against breast cancer? About 400 people showed up for an event in Dallas this past Saturday that reportedly raised [...]


This Just In! Missouri next in the yoga taxation smackdown! Texas to follow in licensing regulation. Kansas City, MO (via KCStar): “The Department of Revenue on Sunday began enforcing collection of a 4-percent tax on yoga and Pilates classes…” Why? Because they are now considered commercial and places of “amusement, entertainment or recreation.” But Debbie [...]


There’s a theme this week and we’re gonna go with it. Our hearts are already feeling pretty toasty. Whether you’re a parent, have a family member, or know someone who’s been diagnosed, we can bet you realize living with Autism can be a bumpy ride laden with obstacles. And we’re pretty sure most of you [...]