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Tej Kaur Khalsa

Rusty the rabble rouser. Last year’s celebriyogi mascot Russell Brand made headlines for his turn from sex and drug addiction to devout yogaship, taking on the Westboro Baptist Church with the help of Krishna and, among other fashionable things, for gifting his kundalini yoga teacher a car for Christmas. The ever bashful, attention shy Mr. Brand [...]


Notorious celebriyogi Russell Brand is making headlines again, this time for his generosity. In a gesture that admittedly seems more Hollywood than Mysore, Brand gifted his yoga teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa her very own OmMobile*, a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, which cost him $33,000. Not a bad holiday bonus! And finally we have [...]


Today in the celebriyogi file…Russell Brand and Kundalini teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa chum it up for the kids and raise some Kundalini eyebrows. The two were sighted exiting a meeting “in support of homeless teenagers” according to the UK’s Daily Mail who snooped them out. Good for do-gooders.