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teen yoga

For the love of yoga pants! With all the joy they bring, there sure is a lot of negativity. The yoga pants ban is in full effect, people. Middle schools and high schools across the country have been deeming life’s most comfortable two-legged garments unsuitable for school dress codes. But many yoga pants-clad students are [...]


Teens have come to their senses and are ditching modern torture devices also known as jeans, or denim, or, to some early adopters, dungarees. They are, instead, opting for the comfort and stretchiness of yoga pants causing a spike in what the industry folks now call the annoyingly titled category of “athleisure.” According to research [...]


The mounting pressures on kids these days from social circles and/or social media only compounds the normal, and apparently increasing pressures of schoolwork, extracurricular activities and overbearing/encouraging parents wanting their kids to get into college.* The New York Times has a piece about how some high schools are helping students cope with rising cases of [...]


Here’s young “Whip My Hair” ingenue Willow Smith with her mom Jada Pinkett Smith after yoga class in early November, in Malibu, CA (where else?) if not for any other reason than the joy of seeing a 12-year-old young lady participating in the healthy practice of yoga condoned by her yoga practicing parents. (Jada and Will [...]


Making yoga accessible to teens is not a new concept, but getting all of yoga into the teenage lifestyle? Well, that’s another sutra. While there have been sprinklings of the mental aspect in the other efforts, and they are all great in our eyes (any yoga is better than no yoga, right?), up until now most efforts of helping our youth gain access to yoga have been by pitching yoga from the fitness angle, offering it as a gym alternative, all the while tiptoeing around the other seven limbs that truly make up the philosophy of yoga.


There’s no doubt bullying is a serious problem for kids these days. While culture can seem so violent, with the influence of movies and video games and whatnot, a counter effort is being forged by professional awesomists like Dee Marie, a yoga teacher who’s been bringing the principles of yoga therapy into clinical settings since 1986. [...]


Finally! Kids yoga has received growing attention lately for the benefits it’s been shown to have on the youngins such as boosted self-esteem, better focus and even improved cognitive skills. And yoga for adults, well we’ve seen the benefits on and off our own mats as well as in scientific journals where studies have explored the positive effects of yoga on pain relief, stress, dis-ease (osteoporosis, stroke, cancer, the list goes on) and yes even your eating and potty habits.