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Sci-fi yoga just got real. While we still await the integration of holograms, this super responsive SmartMat that senses your poses and talks to you from a device (read: if Siri taught yoga) is the next best thing upon this here Yogaship Enterprise. Heck, it’s the next best thing to having a real human friend! [...]


A rug turns into a yoga mat turns back into a rug. Presto change-o, LED-o! Yet another way yoga is integrated with our everyday lives? Tera, an interactive yoga mat/pretty rug is part of a series of “active furniture” created by the award-winning design team of Lunar Europe. When in use, the circular mat, equipped with [...]


Attention Austinites and those descending on the Texas capital this week, YD will be at South by Southwest (aka SXSW)! Head y’dork’ll be co-presenting a panel AND teaching a morning yoga class to the sleepy nerds. Cue the geek meditation: There will be no MIT-designed disco yoga mat or high-tech posture-correcting gadget, BUT we will surely [...]


Speaking of extraordinary yoga mats, a bunch of MIT students created the nerdiest disco version we’ve ever seen, with all the bells and lights and whistles. It’s called the “Glow” and it literally glows with LED lights and speaks to you with automated instructions. Pretty neat and tech-tastic MIT, but frankly we’re disappointed no one’s [...]


The latest in the yogatech invaders! Not doing the pose correctly? Here’s a gentle ZAP to snap you back into place! — could be the wave of the future in yoga if you ask the folks who created Lumo Lift, a new tool designed to track your posture and movement. Based on algorithms and biomechanics, [...]


What do computer science and engineering have to do with yoga? Accessibility, if you ask University of Washington PhD student, Kyle Rector, who developed this “exergame” for people who are blind or have low vision and want to practice yoga. By using the Microsoft Kinect’s Skeletal Tracking, depth cameras and basic geometry, Rector and her fellow [...]


Around October last year gadgety company Lenovo launched what they’d like you to think is the technological equivalent to yoga, and called it, well, Yoga. They came up with the catchy title for the flexy tablet/laptop thinger using ‘yoga’ as the code name at first, which ended up just sticking. “The code name was so [...]


It’s not just winter storms getting the yogi naming love. You can now get your yoga in the form of flexible gadgetry! The new Lenovo “Yoga” is a Windows laptop with a screen that bends over backward 360 degrees from a special hinge to effectively create a tablet. Laptops, they’re just like us!

How did the Lenovo crew come up with the hip and catchy name?


Obi Wan Yogi? Out of luck, these new yoga teachers will be. When you’re practicing yoga how do you know you’re doing it right? Is what the makers of Kinobi wants us all to ask ourselves. Their newfangled technology, when hooked up to the sensory gadgetry of Microsoft Kinect, will help you figure out those [...]