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Tara Stiles

It’s come to our attention that an Indian guru has been sitting in a freezer since January and may or may not be dead and/or deeply meditating.


Heads up New Yorkers, if you blink you could miss Tara Stiles doing yoga in a glass box on wheels. You heard that right. Celeb “rebel yoga” teacher, Tara Stiles, is promoting her new “FIT with Tara Stiles”


Is Tara Stiles getting spiritual? Not exactly. But she has a few things to say about the subject, and the yoga community. Perhaps in a response to her critics about dismissing spirituality and a lot of the traditional aspects of yoga in her “rebel” teaching (ie. chanting, the use of Sanskrit, sometimes anatomical names for [...]


Next in the running to become America’s Top Yogapreneur! Lookout Russell Simmons. Yoga hipster Tara Stiles sets her sights on the yoga apparel industry, prepares to launch her own line with Reebok.


Can yoga teachers make a living? Ha, what a silly question. Oh, you’re not charging $400 a session? $2000 for a 5-pack? That’s how much private yoga with


Om: A place to lay your mat. Via NYPost: Celebrity yoga guru Tara Stiles, whose clients include Deepak Chopra, has found a downtown Zen palace to call home. Stiles and her husband, Michael Taylor (CEO of social media marketing company Odyl), have bought a one-bedroom, two-bathroom condo at 90 Prince St. for $1.78 million. The [...]


Now that Oprah has left the building, the vast chasm remaining on daytime television is being felt. Wholeheartedly. We know you are pining away, wondering who will bring your attention to life’s quandaries, like how in the world did Jennifer Aniston put those doggies on a yoga mat? While we’re still holding our dorky breath [...]


BROga® is real! We know because it’s been US Trademarked. So has Hillbilly Yoga®, Cougar Yoga™ and Metal Yoga™, along with the 2,213 other applications with the word “yoga” filed in the government’s Trademark Electronic Search System – 2,000 of which have been steadily pouring in since 2001. That’s a lot of yogapreneurs! Does trademarking [...]


Oh, hi! Perhaps you’ve seen the latest article in The New York Times, “Rebel Yoga” profiling NYC’s sanskrit-eschewing studio owner, model cum yogi/Deepak teacher, overall pleasant person, Tara Stiles, where YD got a special “Critics” corner quote. Heyyy! While we at YD feel it was accurate, let’s hang on 5 breaths, before we get our [...]