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Super Bowl

The moment we know you’ve all been waiting for…Super Bowl ads are here! Already hopping on the yoga boat is none other than Michelob Ultra in their new ad spot called “Breathe.” Yeah, we were wondering wth ourselves, but as a low-cal light beer, they’ve always tried to appeal to the young “fit” crowd with [...]


In between car commercials and the sport-like ritual of ball tossing and tackling, the deep rumble of Jeff Bridges bellowing out an “Ommmmmm” caught us completely off guard. You, too? Is that really Mr. Bridges soothing and Om-ing someone to sleep bedside whilst stirring a singing bowl? We wondered. Why, yes, yes it is! But…? [...]


When opera singer Renee Fleming opens her Vishuddha chakra to pour forth the melodious sounds of our nation’s anthem, we suspect all of you will be sitting in a comfortable seat with your mats, props and yoga faces on. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! And you know what that means…ok, besides lots of yummy food, beer, crazy [...]

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Not every Super Bowl is a Super Yoga Bowl! [said with thunderous vibrato] Though last year’s was a Ravenasana good time, and the year before gave it a Giant try, and actually more and more football teams are adding yoga to their practice routines. Because yoga isn’t “girly,” it’s just smart. And while we doubt [...]


What do you do when the lights go out in the middle of a Super Bowl game? Why, yoga of course! While we were all treated to a surprise time out IN THE DARK  last night the players tried to stay in the game by stretching and yoga-ing on the field for the 30+ minute [...]


Bend it like Bibi-yonce. Rock Star Yogi Bibi McGill will shred it on stage with Beyonce for the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show. Awesome! And that may mark the first time we’ve used the phrase rock star yogi in earnest without throwing up a little in our throat chakra. Rock. And. Roll. So maybe football [...]


Click to enlarge. We have the ESPN doing yoga on NFL Countdown, and many other football players enjoying the benefits yoga, including last year’s Super Bowl opponents the Giants and the Patriots, both into yoga. How do this year’s Super Bowl XVLII stack up? Admittedly, we’re not huge football buffs, but we may place our [...]


We’d suspected the Giants and the Patriots weren’t the only ones preparing for the big day with yoga, seeing how Madonna is a devoted practitioner. We just didn’t know the 53-year-young pop star would turn her pre-game hotel room into a brand new yoga form.


So, some of you may know the football prom is this weekend, and the New York Giants have a date with the New England Patriots. Who will win? We don’t know, but at least we can feel safe rooting for the yogis! According to Fox News the Giants have been practicing yoga all season with teacher Gwen Lawrence, who has been their yoga coach for a whopping 11 years.