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Folks, this what NOT to do with your yoga flexibility.Today’s New Yorker cartoon by Joe Dator takes a crack at the subway “Manspreading” problem, starring a frustratingly flexible businessman with an impressive upavistha konasana. Well, either that or a Manspreading homage to Jean-Claude Van Damme. Manspreading: When a person, usually a man, sits with his knees [...]


Would you eat your yoga mat? Not on purpose! Though some of us have gotten pretty dang close on occasion when attempting a tricky arm balance. Ahem. That’s just a little friendly yoga ribbing (and foreshadowing and maybe some deja vu). Here’s the real question: Do you eat Subway sandwiches? Then you might want to [...]


YES. In a moment of sheer “only in New York” ness, local stunt comedian known as “The Fat Jew” took to NYC’s steamy subways this summer for some hot yoga! If you’ve ever experienced the extreme heat and rainforest rivaling humidity of the subway platform during the sweltering summer, then you know the conditions are [...]