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Yoga in the Classroom: Good news! More schools are adding yoga and meditation to their curriculum. Two recent stories from UK’s Daily Mail and Wall Street Journal highlight how more and more kidlets are getting a chance to try fun poses, relax and breathe with yoga programs actually supported by the schools’ administrations. (and, uh…taxes) [...]


How cute is that pic! Let’s face it, nobody likes to be super stressed. And it breaks our yogadork hearts to hear about kids having to deal with anxiety and tension at such a young age. They have the rest of their lives for that! Just kidding, of course. We keep hearing news that more [...]


Have you ever fallen asleep in savasana? Yes? Wussies. Just kidding! We’re not ashamed to admit dosing off, and how funny (and endearing) is it when you hear your neighboring yogi give a little snore? It feels pretty good to get in a some snoozetime. Well, now there’s a class for that.  Equinox on the [...]


Yoga Helps Survivors of Natural Disasters. In a study conducted a month after the the December 2004 tsunami disaster, a group of survivors were given an 8-day “Vivekananda yoga” program consisting of loosening exercises, physical postures, regulated breathing and guided relaxation. With just 1 hour of practice each day fear, anxiety, sadness, sleep disturbances and [...]