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Awesome, so can you wrap your feet over your head? We’ve heard that one before! (cue: eye roll) Which, if you’re in the right crowd, unfailingly leads to the inevitable freaky sex position exchange, either verbal “Are you into Tantra? Like Sting and Diddy??” or the unspoken, raise of the eyebrows etc – it’s debatable [...]


Gah! Did we really leave Martha Stewart off The List? For shame. How were we to know the magnate of better living would be yoga-ing it up with Sting‘s yoga-partner-in-life Trudie Styler? We weren’t invited! Last time we saw Madame Martha in her stretchy pants she was demonstrating some awkward maneuvers with a dog. Doga [...]


It’s YogiTwitter Friday! (obviously) and what better way to celebrate than with a fancy celeb appearance? But not just any celeb, a Celebriyogi, Sting! He just joined Twitter! And is maybe even a #yogadork. So let’s all raise our virtual yogi(ni) martinis in celebration of Friday (woowoo) and to welcome everybody’s favorite tantric “desert rose” [...]