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Steven Jon Roger

From the YD Crime Blotter Yikes, and now your requisite update on the Graspin’ Aspen case: Colorado yoga teacher, Steven Jon Roger, was sentenced to 2 months of jail time, a $5,000 fine (the max) and 120 hours of community service. He must also write apology letters to the two students involved. Roger maintains his [...]


Huge news yoga fans. If you’ve been following the story, Steven Jon Roger, of Aspen CO has been found guilty on two counts of unlawful sexual contact and must register as a sex offender. Via Aspen Daily News: A jury of four men and two women convicted former yoga instructor Steven Roger on Tuesday night [...]


Brief update on the “Graspin’ Aspen” case for those following at home. The judge has rejected a plea a week before the case would go to trial… Steven Jon Roger, 48, was poised to plead no contest to two misdemeanor charges and avoid going to a jury trial next week in Pitkin County Court. But [...]

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We’ve drawn some heat over coverage of the Graspin’ Aspen Yoga teacher scandal – as if this isn’t an incredibly important topic that yogadorks great and small should be aware of and feel open to discuss. This is the world we live in! And for the record, we do not wish ill to the accused [...]


For those following the Graspin’ Aspen case, Steven Roger, the CO yoga teacher accused of sexual assault, faced the judge this past for a preliminary hearing of lawyerly evidencey stuff presented for deliberation. The Charges: Two felony counts of sexual assault and related misdemeanors stemming from alleged incidents within the past few years. The incidents [...]


An update to the Graspin’ Aspen Yoga teacher scandal! Steven Jon Roger was arrested in January on charges of sexual assault alleged by female students at O2 Aspen yoga studio. As you may recall, the accused was originally facing 1 felony count of sexual assault and 4 misdemeanor counts of sexual misconduct. Well, since his [...]


As we suspected…Here we go again! Aspen yoga teacher Steven Jon Roger, 47, was arrested last Thursday on suspicion of sexual assault alleged by female students at O2 Aspen where he teaches (taught?).  He paid his first visit to the courtroom yesterday to face one felony (!) count of sexual assault, alleged to have occurred [...]