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Attention sports fans! Grab your team koozie and sports paraphernalia! There’s a big ‘ol sporting event happening this Sunday, and we hope you’re prepared to shout rowdy things at little men running around on the tv screen in between absurdly expensive mini movies selling you things! Super Bowl XLV is upon us! Pittsburgh Steelers vs. [...]


You may have heard Superbowl XLIII this Sunday pits the Arizona Cardinals against the Pittsburgh Steelers (no? don’t worry, to be sure we had to look it up!) But did you know both sides have yogis on their team?? We mentioned way back in September about yoga making baby steps into the Pittsburgh Steelers’ training [...]

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Above: Pittsburgh Steelers doing yoga, kinda. maybe? To the gleefully ongoing news-stream of yoga and football we heartily welcome… the Pittsburgh Steelers! (crowd cheers). Former NFL player turned yogi, Sean Conley, with the help of his wife Karen (trained under known sports-yoga magnate Baron Baptiste), designed a therapeutic and sweaty yoga class for his Steelers students. Thanks to Garrett [...]