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Star Wars

We’ve seen some wild yoga pants styles out there lately so this Star Wars-inspired R2D2 pair is hardly a surprise. Available on ThinkGeek for $40 you, too, can be the bleepity bloopy-iest nerd in the whole studio! Maybe you can finally convince them they need to add Star Wars Yoga to the regular schedule. These [...]


It’s almost Return of the Jedi‘s 30th birthday (May 25!) which means we’re all old and Yoda is really old. Just kidding, we’ve got the Force on our side, should we choose to accept it, or something. (Different movie franchise?) As the third film in the original Star Wars trilogy reaches its third decade young, [...]


It could have been just a fantasy from a galaxy far, far away, but Bryan Miller, influenced by this Star Wars Yoga spoof, decided to bring the Yoda and Yoga connection to asana-riffic reality. What started as a joke turned into a real weekly 90-minute mens only class to encourage the local dudes to practice, because as we all know Portland is full of Star Wars obsessed super nerds. The class is “a little bit of hatha with a lot of George Lucas” (thanks Joe Donlon) and features Star Wars influenced poses like Upward Facing Wookie and Princess Leia pose.


Many of you know we can be pretty dorky, but this Star Wars – Yoga correlation, that keeps popping up, tips the scale on dorkdom. And we kinda love it.


When we stumbled across this kick-ass side-by-side comp of Star Wars and Harry Potter, we couldn’t resist creating a yogic spin. And with all the “Friend” references, Anusara was parallelerrific. Now, whether you think yoga is kula, clique, or cult, you can still have a laugh whilst drinking Master Guru Yoda’s Kool-Aid of Oneness. Fear [...]


Remember Star Wars Yoga? Now there’s an instructional video! Dork out. Connect to The Force… How did we not get invited to this class? Via Techland —— Earlier… Yoda Goes Yogi: Introducing Star Wars Yoga Hipster Yoga: A How-To Guide, Thank Goodness


In the ‘somebody had to do it’ file… Quick! Star Wars needs a marketing boost! A super Star Wars dork, Matthew Latkiewicz, got extra creative and drew up some faux letters between George Lucas, creator of the hugely popular empire, and Steve Jones, Senior VP, LucasFilm Marketing and Brand Strategy to breathe new life into [...]