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Sprout Yoga

It’s truly amazing what people can accomplish when they join together and act. The call to support Haiti in this crisis has been resonating around the world, and we’re hoping the outpouring of assistance will keep flowing from caring communities to those in need. We’re especially proud of the way the yoga community has been [...]


These days you don’t have to dig too deep to find news about how yoga has positively benefited yet another group of individuals, whether they be high school jocks, yuppies, troops in Iraq, cancer survivors, or addiction recoverees. We’ve been a bit snippy snap with the news crew over at TIME mag, (they had it [...]


We’re going to preface this by saying HEY READ THIS! The Washington Post‘s story on ‘Yoga Accessibility‘ is probably one of the most important articles we’ve seen about yoga in a while. And we recommend that you clip and save, or interweby bookmark this one for future reference as well as pass around to your [...]