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And now, the aftermath. Yesterday’s ruling that yoga is not religious and is, in fact, suitable for school children was a major win, but in its wake comes many questions and even more room for debate now that the courtroom seal has been broken and everyone and their maha maya tries to define what yoga [...]


Is Tara Stiles getting spiritual? Not exactly. But she has a few things to say about the subject, and the yoga community. Perhaps in a response to her critics about dismissing spirituality and a lot of the traditional aspects of yoga in her “rebel” teaching (ie. chanting, the use of Sanskrit, sometimes anatomical names for [...]


Well since we’re discussing lofty subjects like spirituality and consciousness, you know, like we do here on YD, let us ask the big daddy Q: How do YOU define spirituality? What does it mean to you? Is it intertwined with yoga? Just something to ponder, and for many, especially meaningful to reflect upon during this [...]