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More yoga shoes! Sort of. Unlike the Nike wrappy straps, these shoes are meant for yoga to and fro, not during. These Karma kickers by Ahnu caught our eye when online shoe dealer Zappos.com posted this “Good Karma” ad on facebook to mixed responses.

OK, fashion aside, tell us again why we need special yoga shoes to get us to the studio and back. Will we need exclusive transport soon? How about the Chevy Shakti-Cycle? It’s an Indian silk-upholstered hovercraft with a zero carbon footprint running on meditative brain waves and Kabalabhati breath. Alternative fuels, y’all! It doesn’t honk. It Oms.


Shoes. Those things we put on when we’re not spreading our toes on the mat. Frequent readers know we don’t do many product reviews here besides the occasional yoga book, but we decided to dip our utthita toes into the pool with this one.