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sexy time

Have you heard all the ruckus about sexy naked yoga ads? It’s a fracas of bodily proportions! The debate’s been raging for a week, so if you’re sick and tired of it by now we understand. Who wants to talk about body image, sexuality and yoga? Ptew! What started as a murmur was brought to [...]


Yoga candy! For simply no other reason than your viewing pleasure (and historical context?) here is Marilyn Monroe, from 1948, yoga posing. These photos, some of which were featured in LIFE mag, have been floating around for a while (obviously, they’re from over 5 decades ago!) but we thought it only fitting to add Miss [...]


We love this HuffPo post. Jason Wachob, of mindbodygreen.com, did a stellar job! Or uh, we mean a hardy, burly, beefy, red-blooded, dude-like job. J-dub, an ex-b-baller, ex-Wall-Streeter, ex-frat-boy (though does that ever wear off?), used to spend hours at the gym lifting heavy things and using mechanical apparati to keep up his muscley physique. [...]


This just in…Breathing makes life better! And, some heathens may admit, so does sex. How do you make sex better? Breathe! Ah, the circle of life. Leave it to Fox News to bring us the absolute basics on how yoga can improve your sex life…no new kinky positions you sexy pervs, just breathing. (*yawn*) Really [...]


If you didn’t catch Betty White hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ over the weekend, what are you waiting for?! Surely by now, even if you haven’t watched, you’ve already heard enough to know that that sassy, silver-haired firecracker knocked it out of the park! Accompanied by SNL fem-veterans (and mommas) this episode was far and away [...]


It’s the sweaty naked elephant in the room, and it’s all we’ve been oogling this past week in the news: NAKED YOGA!  It was even mentioned on this past Saturday Night Live during the ‘Weekend Update‘ segment. But is this nudeness really new? We were gossiping about it last year, and even then it wasn’t [...]


HOT Dog! Not only is yoga the new rehab, it’s the new sexy! Yep, once again American Apparel borrowed those sextastic yoga poses for their dance line (which you think doesn’t make sense until you realize yoga IS a dance. right? oh and because they don’t have a separate “yoga” line on its own). “Authentic”? [...]


OK so it’s 2010, a whole new shiny decade…ooooh fancy. But how can we justly venture into the untamed future without honoring the days of yoga past? We warned you this would happen. Yes, it is YogaDork’s 2009 Sexiest Celebriyogi Poll! And man are we excited about it. This is all very scientific of course, [...]


THIS JUST IN: Yoga is sexy! What on earth? We give elephantjournal the raunch radar award on this one. Wow. We’ve runway supermodels guiding us in yoga video games, buck naked yoga classes, and now you gawkers don’t even have to leave your steamy nose prints on the glass checking out the bottoms-up in gym [...]