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sexy time

After the hubbahubba of the original sexy underwear video which has by now received over 4.1 million views, here’s another Equinox sponsored skivvied yogi video featuring previous underwear yoga star Briohny Smyth, this time wearing a bit more material and this time with her hubs, Dice Iida-Klein, also an Equinox yoga teacher. Hear that fellas? She’s taken.


After the ‘How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body’ debacle we cut author William J. Broad a break. Heck it wasn’t his fault the New York Times went for the shock value, and some reviews of his book actually made it sound worth reading. But this latest article on yoga and sex scandals, basically Broad’s response to the latest John Friend/Anusaragate, confirms that WJB is just as annoying in his delivery about sexifying yoga as he is about it wrecking your body. In fact, it’s idiotic.


Sex and yoga. These two go wayyyy back. And they have moved way forward together as well. ABC Nightline News takes a look at yoga/sex connection today and that elusive ‘Sex and the City’ coined “yogasm” (just before Valentine’s Day, how apro-pose!). With willing and able teacher Marco Rojas and science from William J. Broad’s new book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards Dan Harris and the ABC News team get down to business.


Just another day in the life. Equinox teacher Briohny Smyth demonstrates, in this hot new marketing ploy, bedroom handstanding skills in her skivvies while her lover (hubby? lucky friend?) snoozes on. Is it sexual? Uh, yeah! That’s not even a question.


Oh yes, yes! The semi-popular semi-taboo yoga and sex talk comes swinging around the block once again with its saucy seducing scent of tea tree oil and Sex Panther. This time it’s the ‘Oh’ word: yOgasm. We didn’t make it up. So, is this yogasm for real? Like the “ecstatic birth” trend, are orgasms “yoga’s [...]


Yoga, meet Fame. Yoga Fame, meet your new student Ben Dover! Newsweek has an article entitled “Bow Down To the Yoga Teacher” about prostrating not to the divine, or self, but to the magical all-powerful guru leading the class, on a pedestal, real or metaphorical. These stories of bowing down to a revered, or inspiring, [...]


As if Valentine’s Day weren’t enough to get you and your honey bound up together in some sort of twisted lotus posture, it’s being reported that yoga can actually aid in your fertility. Score! Well, we already know it helps the sex drive. Really though, infertility can actually be a very serious matter to a [...]


Even more commentary on the commercialization of yoga and nudie booties in ads, with a dash of spiritual enterprising. From the Guardian UK: Does all this fuss over yoga and sex reflect the enduring strength of American puritanism and prudishness? Are critics merely jealous killjoys? Supporters of Budig and the new nudity trend in yoga [...]


Now YOU can be sexy is just 15 minutes a day! Whoa, hold the twinkies, are you talking about yoga? This is the marketing message of Tara Stiles’ new book Slim, Calm, Sexy, three little words that unlock a whole smorgasbord of emotions, connotations and a motherload of self-consciousness, maybe even worse than camel toe. [...]