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Sex and the City

Sex and yoga. These two go wayyyy back. And they have moved way forward together as well. ABC Nightline News takes a look at yoga/sex connection today and that elusive ‘Sex and the City’ coined “yogasm” (just before Valentine’s Day, how apro-pose!). With willing and able teacher Marco Rojas and science from William J. Broad’s new book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards Dan Harris and the ABC News team get down to business.


Congratulations are in order! First, it’s just gone public that Mr. Big  is enagaged! Don’t get nervous, it’s Chris Noth and he’s betrothed to his real life mate Tara Lynn Wilson. Cool. But the other more important congrats? Mr. Big’s joined team yoga! Since the Sex and the City sequel is fully underway, Mr. Noth, [...]