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Sesame Street

“When your monster wants to throw things and your monster wants to shout, there’s a way to calm your monster and chill your inner monster out.” This is adorableness. Elmo teaches us all how to belly breathe with the help of his pals, rapper Common and singer Colbie Caillat. The trio sings about turning into [...]


It’s a child’s (and parent’s) dream come true! The Franklin Institute announced it will be holding Yoga with Elmo classes every Wednesday in November for kids of all ages (though you might want to let the little ones have this one). So when Elmo’s not being painfully cute, doing yoga with Amy Poehler or being [...]


It’s hard not to love Amy Poehler, star of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” and apparent palsy walsy of Sesame Street’s Elmo. Not to mention she hosts an online web series promoting self-empowerment and positive body image for young girls, and she is a yogi!

This short and adorable clip wins her extra YD comedy and cuteness points.


“Sadly…you are not a monster.” HA! Your dose of laughter yoga courtesy of Sesame Street. “Look down… back up.. wh..where am I? Oh! I am on a boat!” —— Earlier… Sesame Street Yoga: What’s Bert’s Favorite Pose? Kermit the Frog a Total YogaDork, Plus Sesame Street Yoga?


Bert: “I love pigeon more than anything else in this world! Besides oatmeal.” But of course! Can anyone confirm the authenticity of this video on Sesame Street? (it’s a collection of youtube vids, including John Friend). Do we really care? Doin’ the (coo coo) pigeeoon… UPDATE: here’s the original video.. thanks Jackie! Earlier…[Because It’s Monday!] [...]


Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s November already? Feels like only yesterday we were sweatin our pants off about who wears what to yoga class. Oh wait, it kinda was yesterday! Anyway, we hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep on Saturday night because we bet you already forgot about it – ancient history! [...]