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‘Tis the season to be merry, and mirthful and spastic! Ah! Holiday time is chock full of the season’s delights and doings, but by the time we reach January we’re completely spent. Drained. Reeling from the flurry of holiday happenings. But what if instead of constantly stirring, we took time to sit? This is an [...]


If you have been online these past couple of years you may have noticed the “yoga selfie” trend that’s taken place during yoga’s rapid ascent into popular culture. The girl on a beach somewhere covered in tribal-themed jewelry and loose-flowing clothing balancing upside down on her forearms (maybe with her toes resting upon her head), or the shirtless dude in tight pants doing a one-armed handstand


There is a movement afoot. Yoga selfies are virtually ubiquitous in the internet age, but they haven’t been without controversy. Are they inspiring? Are they discouraging? Are they perpetuating an unrealistic, stereotypical image of yoga? What’s their intention, anyway? While some of us may be wondering, what’s the big deal? There are others who might [...]


Mermaid Yoga. Folks, DO NOT try this at home. UNLESS you have a partner with an oxygen tank and a life preserver nearby. Note: If you’d just like to see the pretty pictures cause you’re tired of words, simply scroll past our two cents of social commentary. These eerily enchanting photos of underwater yoga come [...]


It’s come to our attention that an Indian guru has been sitting in a freezer since January and may or may not be dead and/or deeply meditating.


Yoga selfies: take ’em or leave ’em, or have another person take ’em (is it still considered a ‘selfie,’ then?). The NY Post has a piece today on the Insta-trend with some quotes from rebel Yogi-in-a-box, Tara Stiles, as well as YD Editor-in-Chieftess, JLHC, and Roseanne Harvey from It’s All Yoga, Baby, among others. It’s [...]


Heads up New Yorkers, if you blink you could miss Tara Stiles doing yoga in a glass box on wheels. You heard that right. Celeb “rebel yoga” teacher, Tara Stiles, is promoting her new “FIT with Tara Stiles”


This is New York City, public displays of yoga are everywhere, but every once in a while you’ll catch glimpse of a famous face, or in this case, a famous face snapping the yoga “selfie” of his famous wife and child in a now infamous stroller-supported Warrior 3. Alec Baldwin isn’t shy to assist his [...]


You may have noticed you don’t exactly resemble the bodies on the cover of yoga magazines. Or any magazines for that matter. While the age of photoshop and skinny, flexible cover model selection can often bring feelings of self-doubt and judgement, the good news is there’s a shift happening to help break that cycle. And [...]