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It’s the Great American YogaDork Road Trip. We made it to the West Coast! First stop: Portland, Oregon. Thoughts? Super! Portland welcomed us yanks with open arms and espresso (these northwesterners are serious about their espresso. more on that later) Our first yoga stop was the lovely Bhaktishop in Portland’s southeast quarter. We took class [...]


We ask you, what’s more universal and unifying than Yoga? hello! It’s for every body! Well, Genessa Krasnow has taken that to heart and decided Yoga would be the uniting force in rallying for Gay Rights in StonewallForty, the events series commemorating the 40th anniversary of Stonewall — the 1969 confrontation in Seattle that kicked [...]


Ed. Note: We didn’t make this up, though the piddling of odd details may lead you to believe otherwise. See? Now this is just the kooky news stuff we yogsters can live without! A yoga couple in Seattle is pressing charges against a philandering guru in an alleged crime involving groping, peeing and hypnotism! According [...]