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Bikch, please.

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Oh, Bikkie. You make for scintillating headlines, head-shaking of the “no” variety, and the occasional chuckle. Recently, fellow YogaDork YogaDawg dug up a collection of oldie-but-goodie quotes from ol’ Bikram Choudhury. One sweet little gem in particular stood out amongst the eye-widening crowd.


You know, as sagaciously analytical as we aim to be sometimes, we can totally take a joke around these parts. So when we saw this parody of Equinox’s Sexy Yoga Ad by Michael Stusser (a contributor to Yoga International and Shambhala Sun) we couldn’t help but chuckle with amusement. Because it’s funny! And if you thought that other video was beautiful…eat your heart out Briohny fans.


In all this nakedness, lest we forget who’s selling what. Do you buy it?

There’s been a lot of commotion over Equinox’s sexy yoga ad featuring the talented Briohny Smyth. Not shy of controversy herself or getting paid for baring her yoga-toned body in an ad, prominent and pretty yogi Kathryn Budig offers another point of view, via HuffPo – that not of the advertiser, but of the subject.


Just another day in the life. Equinox teacher Briohny Smyth demonstrates, in this hot new marketing ploy, bedroom handstanding skills in her skivvies while her lover (hubby? lucky friend?) snoozes on. Is it sexual? Uh, yeah! That’s not even a question.


BEEF! Uh oh. Bikram may have his legal team under lockdown once again. The offender? Yoga to the People, the often mat-to-mat packed and sweaty yoga studio touting “no glorified teachers, scripts or pedestals”  with multiple locations around NYC, as well as West Coast. And they wrote it in a letter, to the people. Apparently the beef came [...]


And just when you brushed it off as another gossip-fueled older celeb dude dating younger hot piece of asana… The rumor mill keeps a churning! This time onto the set of reality TV. According to the Daily News, Alec Baldwin’s publicly paraded new squeeze Hilaria Thomas, a yoga teacher, was spotted chatting up an IMG [...]


Psst! We aren’t really supposed to be posting these, but when we’re hot on the yoga social media political marketing trail, we are incorrigible snoops and ferrets. You’re probably aware that the sweat hit the fan when Gaiam’s mats were used by CafePress customers to carry certain inflammatory messages. Incendiary, even. Well, we found a [...]


Uh oh. Remember Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy? He’s not having a hard time reminding you. The inappropriate one is back with a ditzy diddy entitled video “Fit ‘N Ass.” Not exactly his funniest nor most solid work, but somehow those shiny blue spandex shorts never get old. What’s your take? Funny or flop? Here [...]


BRAND LOYALTY: It’s almost like having a personality. 4000 Years of Yoga and we finally figured out how to cash in. Yeowch! Love it or hate it, presenting the most scathing lulu parody we’ve seen as of late, brought to you by less-than-miffed-by-corporate-yoga-brands the seacowcoalition, a bunch of grad students in Australia Canada we’re told. [...]